Unique Triage System Opens At K.R. Hospital

Jun 23, 2020 | News

Used when medical care process is overloaded and when there are more people who need care

Mysore/Mysuru: It is the time of COVID-19 and because of the volume of patient admissions to an Emergency Department, treatment routines cannot be precisely planned and executed. As such, the available resources at a Hospital may become overwhelmed or patients may crowd a particular area resulting in risks for patient safety.

In view of this, Hospitals come up with Triage System to better manage crowds. One such system – Triage Centre — was inaugurated at the State-run K.R. Hospital last Friday. It provides better patient care where they will be guided to the respective departments. This will avoid huge crowds at the Out Patient Department (OPD).

What is Triage System?

Triage is the prioritisation of patient care (or victims during a disease breakout) based on illness/injury, severity, prognosis and resource availability. The purpose of Triage is to identify patients needing immediate resuscitation, to assign patients to a pre-designated patient care area, thereby prioritising their care and to initiate diagnostic/therapeutic measures as appropriate.

In other words, when used in medicine and healthcare, the term Triage refers to the sorting of injured or sick people according to their need for emergency medical attention. It is a method of determining priority for who gets care first. Triage is used when the medical-care system is overloaded, meaning there are more people who need care than there are available resources to care for them.

Source : Star of Mysore